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المعرض السعودي للإضاءة والصوت 
9-7 مايو 2024 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
واجهة الرياض مركز المعارض والمؤتمرات


Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo Hero

د/ عماد مُنشي

د/ عماد مُنشي

مستشار وأستاذ مساعد في تطوير الفعاليات والوجهات السياحية, جامعة الملك سعود

Dr Emad Monshi is an academic and practitioner in the field of event and tourism management. He holds a PhD, a Master Degree and Executive Certificate in Event Management from Flinders University, University of Queensland and University of Technology Sydney, respectively. As an academic, he is an Assistant Professor in Event and Tourism Management at King Saud University and heavily involved with 10 other educational institutions from around Saudi Arabia. As a practitioner, he worked as an event and tourism consultant for public, private and non-for-profit organisations including; Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, NEOM, Culinary Arts Commission, Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority, Saudi Tourism Society, Exhibitions & Conferences Associations and Professional Events Industry Association.

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