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المعرض السعودي للإضاءة والصوت 
22-20 مايو 2025 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
واجهة الرياض مركز المعارض والمؤتمرات


Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo Hero

Prince Audio Visual

  • Laser Technology & Effects
  • Digital Signage
  • Pro Audio Equipment
  • Pro Lighting Technology
  • Stage Technology & Trussing
  • Projection & Display
  • Hi-Tech & Theatrical Equipment
Prince Audio Visual

Prince AV stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of event production, boasting a rich legacy dating back to our inception in 2003. Throughout our journey, we've ascended to become a leading force in the GCC region's event industry. Our journey has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences across a diverse array of events, including Trade Shows, Conferences, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Concerts, Weddings, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, and Special Events.

We pride ourselves on our ability to blend cutting-edge technology with creative vision, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary. Our extensive portfolio speaks volumes about our expertise in event production and AV rental, as well as our constant dedication to exceeding client expectations.

At Prince AV, we believe in the “work hard, bill fairly” approach to make every event successful and profitable for our clients.  We specialize in providing an integrated solution to meet all our client requirements. Our tendency to under promise and over deliver has helped us gain a respectable database of regular and satisfied clients over the years.

One of our main strengths is how flexible and versatile we are. Whether it's using high-quality projectors, see-through LED screens, or top-notch sound systems, we can customize our solutions for each event's specific needs. Our skilled team of audio engineers, lighting designers, and creative specialists work together to create memorable experiences that really stick with the audience.

Set the right mood by creating a welcoming and comfortable ambience with our lighting solutions that will help your venue deliver an amazing visual impact. We have superior lighting equipment that will surely meet your needs.

Apart from our technical skills, we're also great at offering complete conference services, like providing simultaneous interpretation for events with different languages. Our aim is to make sure communication flows smoothly, even if there are language differences, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for everyone.

With our large stocks of Rigging and Trussing equipment and experienced licensed riggers that never compromise the safety of the guest, we can meet any kind of design with accuracy and safety from simple ground support systems to complex roof structures.

Moreover, our media team, equipped with leading-edge equipment and expertise, captures every moment with precision and artistry. From live streaming to post-event editing, we offer end-to-end media solutions that enable our clients to extend the reach and impact of their events.

Beyond the technical aspects, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We approach every project with passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

As we look ahead, our commitment to innovation and excellence remains steadfast. Excited to pioneer new ideas in event production, utilizing cutting-edge technology to craft unforgettable experiences worldwide.

Prince AV is not just a provider of event solutions. We are architects of experiences, dedicated to shaping moments that linger in the hearts and minds of all who attend. With our blend of creativity, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

We’re here to make your event amazing.


Saudi Arabia


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